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Robots in the Automotive Industry - Meeting / Presentation 23/11/19

SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2019, 18:00, at CityLab - Open presentation, for children (... and parents) !!!  Inos
hellas  http://inoshellas.inos-automation.de/ and CityLab invite you to an introductory meeting with the world of robotics and mechanical vision, where inos employees will present with practical examples:
- the technologies it develops the company and how they are utilized in REAL APPLICATIONS in the automotive industry
- the complexity of production processes and the role of the engineer in the completion of a project
- how to develop an application combining hardware (sensors, robots) and software
- the importance of automation in the production of cars but also in the important role played by humans utilizing new technologies in modern times.
Free admission, secure your participation at 2 110 130 140 or

(See samples of our applications from mechanical vision sensors and precision measurements)

AI Image2700


AI Image700

After our meeting, the above pictures will tell the children much more !!!
We are waiting for you.

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Here are snapshots from our meeting

IMG 20191123 181913 700w

IMG 20191123 183316 700w

IMG 20191123 185030 700w

IMG 20191123 193400 700w



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