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Message for Schools

We have structured special Educational Visit programs at CityLab which we have been continuously enriching since 2014, taking into account all the remarks and comments of teachers, professors and students.

Thus, your students will come in contact with Robotics and its application samples, as creators and not as users.

Students see in practice exactly what they learn in Physics and Mathematics combined with Computer Science to give substance and "life" to a robot, using building materials, gears, wheels, sensors and the computer. For information, we cover all classes of Kindergarten, Elementary, High School and Lyceum, with specially designed laboratory content per class and thematic unit, applying the modern principles of the scientific fields of STEM.

Our successful activity and your positive response to the enthusiastic comments of the students who visited our Workshops, motivates us to enrich our work with even more options and themes of Educational Programs. Indicatively, our topics include special workshops for Engineering, Robotics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Energy, Electronics (with Arduino), Software Engineering, Mobile Programming and other special topics - all taught by expert lecturers who not only know their subject in depth (technocratic and scientific) but they also know the pedagogical approach by age and how they will transfer their knowledge to children. Children understand when they become creators and when they become users - the former is more difficult and it is a magical moment when the children finally prefer it to the latter! We see it constantly !!!

Please contact us to send you our special program for Schools.

We assure you that CityLab can actively assist you in the work of offering a high quality STEM curriculum, which motivates and encourages students, utilizing Robotics to develop their cognitive and social skills, happily leading them into 21st century skills!

The children will love science and when they return to their classes, believe us, you will see them "changed"!

We are waiting for you...

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