[Educational] Robotics Workshops for Teachers: the STEM Skill

- The training lasts 12 hours - the cost is € 200.
- Secure your place at or at 2 110 130 140.   

Schedule of next Laboratories 
- MON 29 JUNE, TU 30 JUNE and WED 01 JULY, daily 16:00 - 20:00

(Snapshot from our relevant workshop - Lego Education [WeDO 2, EV3], Arduino, Line Follower with C, all in practice)

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Dear Teacher. Educational Robotics is the present. You teach it!
Come to CityLab, an organization that since 2014 deals fully and exclusively with STEM, to show you how.

We know the need of the Educational community in the modern era to be informed and trained properly and validly for the teaching of Robotics.
The personal engagement with Robotics without the appropriate knowledge and experience, can cause great inconvenience to the Teacher without achieving the learning goals.

Buying a robotic box with enclosed instructions is not enough for a successful teaching that will excite children.
After all, watching presentations and seminars online, either on YouTube or live, are not a priori guaranteed .for a successful teaching of robotics. This can be easily seen when the teacher is unable to answer the children's questions or when he sees them surpassed in knowledge, so he feels the need to leave them shortly before or shortly after the resignation of his own students.


At CityLab we keep the solution by offering our personal many years and continuous experience and know-how of STEM that maintains the increased interest of children in Robotics for many years and we wish to pass it on to Teachers who share with us the same vision for learning as process and for educational robotics.

We invite you to attend CityLab Teacher Training Robotics Workshops.

Our goal is to teach you the STEM approach to the teaching of Educational Robotics but also our methodology, with which you will acquire the knowledge and develop all the skills that are necessary to design and create your own educational and interdisciplinary seminars beyond and above a typical classical type of execution of predetermined activities .
This is the only way we can help children acquire and develop the ability to think computationally, as they will feel like real inventors, creating (really!) And having fun at the same time.. Only after you feel yourself children - students, you will be able to transmit this joy to your own students !!!

Dear Teachers,

where the teacher has understood the importance of the experience of the Educational Robotics is able not just to implement a standardized teaching but acts, itself by designing and creating their own educational interdisciplinary scenarios , where children retain a strong interest in the active their participation in robotics workshops and a high level of learning readiness through an authentic discovery culture and the joy that always accompanies the discovery of the new.


At CityLab the study programs are designed and implemented since 2014 by Electrical Engineers, Computer Scientists, Physicists and Mathematicians, many with postgraduate degrees. The love of all of us for the subject, combined with the in-depth knowledge of the Scientific, Technological and Mechanical content of each laboratory are prerequisites and are key components for its successful outcome. The presenters of the seminar, have been exclusively and continuously involved since 2014 with STEM teaching (in the subjects of Engineering, Robotics and Computer Science) and have vast experience in the successful method of transmitting their knowledge to children.

Your theoretical-practical training lasts 12 hours and includes topics for all ages of students.

The theoretical topics of the program include the following:

Definitions. What exactly is Engineering, Robotics, Educational Robotics and what is the STEM approach to teaching and education. Laboratory preparation and design. Classroom management. Work style. What I teach by age. Groups, goal, structure by laboratory topics. Handling failures. Free constructions. International best practices. Special topics in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics.

The practical topics of the program include the following platforms:
Engineering (Lego Education: Simple Machines), Robotics (Lego Education: WeDO2, Mindstorms EV3), Electronics and Mechatronics (Arduino and a variety of sensors and engineering - language C), Programming environments (Lego proprietary platforms, LabView, Scratch).

It is emphasized that the 12-hour cycle covers theory and practice for all the above platforms, while teaching the creative and common way of thinking of all projects (standard and free) and not the way of processing the specific constructions of each box .

Each program will close with a small teaching simulation where you will be invited to teach the CityLab teachers and the other Teachers in your class!
With the successful completion of the above, you will obtain a Certificate of Educational Robotics Lecturer from CityLab (uniquely numbered and with a certificate of authenticity from the company's site).
We know that there is the possibility of direct employment in specific high level companies that are looking for permanent speakers.

Dear Teachers,
In closing, keep this: Educational Robotics is truly an excellent "tool" to motivate and inspire children. We have seen it in practice, as have our young students!
We suggest you enter this world properly, creatively, with an organized lesson plan but without standard worksheets. The children, anyway, will lead you on uncharted roads and you must [be able] to let them implement any of their initiative and idea but also answer all their questions immediately.
If the team wants to try a series of gears instead of a pulley. In the same course.
If it wants to change the "standard" software (= ready solution) it must do so.
In fact, if they do not , we must encourage them to do so themselves . This is the magic (and the difficulty) of really successful interdisciplinary workshops! Many solutions for the same problem and the teacher next to them !!!

The image of the students in your class will change. Never; When you tell them to create something complex, on the spot, without instructions and then each group presents not only its work but also the construction and program of the other group, the children will be able to do it happily and with enthusiasm. !

The CityLab team

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