1st Robotics Festival

On 19/05/2019 we organized the first Robotics Festival at CityLab with two separate sections.
In the Competition Department the teams learned for the first time and on the spot what they will build, while in the Exhibition Department they learned the general theme and freely constructed their works. The topics were all original and the characteristics were given as in any real electromechanical project with a clear theme, project, study, platform, control, description, specifications, instructions, technical remarks, scoring criteria, etc. After all, children could not expect anything more than the "Real World Robotics" we tell them when our workshops start.

See snapshots from the event here (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2267308983533904) as well as in the photos that follow.
Thank you all for participating.

The medals ...
20190519 114536 4032 x 1960 700w

20190519 100410 4032 x 1960 700w 2

Teams create
DSC06767 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06782 700w 2

Volunteers help ...

DSC06789 5456 x 3632 700w


Contestants Create While Having Fun :-)

DSC06800 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06865 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06840 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06897 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06808 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06823 5456 x 3632 700w

e20190520 123429 3 4032 x 1960 700w

DSC06794 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06802 5456 x 3632 700w

DSC06797 5456 x 3632 700w

Thank you!
DSC07062 5456 x 3632 700w

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